Rhino Hackney Ferrocast Bollard

The Hackney Rhino Bollard is an extremely durable static bollard which can provide an effective method of segregating a landscape for pedestrian and vehicular access.


The bollard is  manufactured from high quality polyurethane and cast around an internal steel core for increased strength. The strong non-ferrous exterior ensures that the bollard will not rust or corrode, thus minimising on going maintenance costs.

Root fixing is offered as standard, Base plate fixings and a removable option are also available for most Ferrocast Bollards.

The bollard can also be manufactured to an anti ram specification for applications requiring maximum security.


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Key data


Type: Fixed

Material: Ferrocast

Aboveground height (mm): 970 mm

Belowground height (mm): 300 mm

Aboveground diameter / width (mm): 155 mm

Weight (kg): 20 kg


Options available

  • Base Plate Fixing
  • Removable
  • Anti Ram
  • Ballotini Ring
  • Hand Painted Motif
  • Locking Socket
  • Chain Connectors


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