Rhino RT/SS5 Lift Assist Bollard

The RT/SS5 is a round telescopic bollard manufactured from grade 316L stainless steel. The bollard rises to 710 m above ground and

features a 101 mm diameter. Supplied with a brushed satin finish, the exceptionally strong stainless steel out is 2 mm thick and is reinforced with a

90 x 5 mm steel internal post sleeve for added performance.


The bollard features a 10-pin anti-drill push-button lock for added security. It is reinforced with an inner post sleeve for enhanced performance on impact.


The RT/SS5  is available with an internal lift assist mechanism to substantially reduce the operating weight and aid manual handling. This stainless steel gas spring reduces the lifting weight by approximately 70%, from 22.5 to around 6 or 7 kg.



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Key data


Type: Retractable / telescopic

Material: Stainless steel

Aboveground height (mm): 710

Belowground height (mm): 1000

Aboveground diameter / width (mm): 101

Weight (kg): 37 (overall) 7 (operating)


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